The Three Thieves Who Steal the Treasure Chest

At the start of the story, two thieves arrive at the same time at a house to steal a chest that contains gold and silver bullion bars. The first thief parks his car right in front of the house while the second thief parks further away from the house. The first thief uses a pry bar to open the front door. With the precious metal detector, he manages to track the chest in a lower cabinet at the cellar under the kitchen. He is happy to find the chest of bullion bars. Just when he takes one of the bullion bar to kiss it, the second thief comes from behind and tries to strangle him. After struggling for some time, the second thief knock hims over against the wall and he becomes unconscious.

Next, he goes up to the master bedroom and check the drawers in the drawers cupboard. He finds a hand grenade which is actually a toy grenade, and a gun. He uses the house owner’s clothe to bind the house owner who is sleeping on the bed as well as the person which he has knocked out in the underground kitchen cellar. He lays the gun down beside the knocked out person and scatters marbles on the floor before whistling for his two other friends in the van to come and carry the chest.

The neighbor living opposite the street has been watching the three persons carrying the chest into their van all the while. She quickly calls the police after they had gone. Her husband argues with her not to call the police because he is afraid that they may get killed for doing so. The police arrives about four hours later in the morning.

Two policemen who first enter into the house accidentally break their legs when stepping over the marbles that have been strewn all over the floor. The house owner decides to hire a detective Mark VIII IX or detective Mark the 89th when he learns that the police will take their time to catch them.

Detective Mark VIII IX is shopping for groceries one day when he notices a man who has a pocket full of the same marbles on his trousers.Some marbles are dropping on the floor and he follows him to his house. He is the wrong person but he gives him information on where he purchased those marbles. At the place where the same kind of marbles are sold, there is a boy who is playing the marbles on the street.

The boy tells the detective that he finds those marbles at the trash cash opposite the street. He then finds the house of the 3 thieves and manage to track them down at Greece later. The three thieves are eventually arrested but they make up their mind to change their ways in prison. When they come out of prison, they work alongside with the cops to catch criminals.

The Indian Miracle: Love and Compassion Will Achieve Something Which No Amount of Force Can Do

“Ladies and gentlemen, in another few minutes, we shall be landing in Auckland Airport”, the Air hostess was announcing with her most attractive voice. “Please wear your seat belts and get ready to get down”, she was adding further instructions.

Another Air hostess reached the old lady sitting in a corner seat and helped her to wear the seat belt. Then, after a smile, she left. The old lady was visibly excited. In another five or ten minutes she would be meeting her daughter. Though she has visited a few foreign countries earlier, that was her first visit to Auckland. But let us not mistake her as a very affluent lady.

‘Silk aunty’ as she was popularly called hailed from a very poor family of Kanchipuram, a very famous temple town of Tamilnadu which is also internationally famous for production and export of silk saris. Pattu is the Tamil equivalent of silk and her original name Pattu mami was translated as silk aunty during her various visits abroad.

At the age of thirteen, she was married to one ‘kittu’ (abbreviation of the name Krishnan) who was twelve years elder than her. He was working as a waiter in the temple canteen for a meagre salary. Whatever he earned was spent in taking illicit liquor. In course of time, he had to leave the job and spent full time in drinking and having sex. After giving four female children, he died at the age of thirty. The burden of bringing them up fell solely on her head. She took the job which her husband left and brought up the children. Fortunately, the Government introduced several free schemes (thanks to the democratic election system) like free education, free meal and various other freebies which kept their life going. She was an ardent believer and the temple trust helped her daughters complete the studies. A visitor to the temple who stayed in the temple premises was very much impressed by the first daughter Leela (Leela means acts of play, mainly by Gods like Sri Krishna Leela, Siva Leela or Shakthi Leela), married her and took her Singapore. Though she was working in the canteen, her financial position improved a lot. It can be said after the demise of her husband only, she saw the brighter side of life. That is the fate of several poor South Indian ladies.

Her second daughter was able to become commerce graduate and chose to become a qualified Chartered accountant. An M.D of a company of repute got impressed with her, married and settled at London. Third daughter was computer Engineer, married a technical Engineer and settled in States. Thus, the female children who were considered a burden were in fact boon for her. She had visited all the countries and had lived in those countries for six months each.

The fourth daughter was her most dear one. The first three daughters arranged her marriage, and the bridegroom was a young and handsome employed as an Engineer in an International I.T company with its headquarters at London and workplace in New Zealand. They settled in Auckland and aunty was to join them in a few minutes.

The flight had a smooth landing and her thoughts about the past came to an end. With the help of air hostess he got down. After the immigration formalities, she came out and her daughter Sarala rushed towards her. Waving hands, “Mummy” she hugged her and gave a warm kiss. She drove the car and her mummy was watching with pride.

Silk auntie started liking Auckland at the first sight itself. There were marked differences between an Indian metropolis and Auckland. The differences were obviously visible from airport itself. There were no unwanted crowd. Nor the taxi men pestering the arriving passengers to engage them. Clean roads with highly disciplined traffic were the next speciality. People voluntarily obeyed traffic rules. It was obvious that people not only respected traffic regulations but also felt proud to obey them.

Their residential quarters were situated in the outskirts somewhat remote from the mainland. The roaring sea was five kilometres away. There were nearly fifty houses situated adjacent to each other. The company had constructed the village exclusively for the staff and the employees from various countries are living there.

Soon, Ramu (abbreviation of Rama), her son in law returned from office and joined them. After formal enquiries they sat for dinner.

The T.V was showing International news. On seeing one particular news, they were shocked.

“The twenty year old Indian youth named Manish who entered Pakistan land was jailed. It is likely that he may be hanged”

The news was repeatedly telecast with a photograph of the youth who was captured. It seemed that he was subjected to several hardships and he was tortured to tell the truth. The Indian high commission informed that he was a shepherd and by misjudgement he entered Pak territory. The Government did not pay heed to his plead of mercy.

The Ramus were very much annoyed to watch the news. “Why does the Pakistan Government do this?” silk aunty asked with despair.

“Sh… sh… sh” Ramu silenced her.

“You should not pass any comment. People from various countries live here”, he warned. “Especially, the neighbour is from Pakistan. You should be very cautious with them” he added.

Silk auntie kept quiet. But the innocent face of the Indian youth Manish caught hold by Pakistani forces was lingering her the whole night. But being poor old lady, what could she do. She could only pray God for his release and she prayed whole heartedly for his release.

Next day when she got up the time was 5 A.M. She had a walk across the lawn and the door of the neighbouring house suddenly opened.

She was simply stuck by the beauty of the lady who opened the door. She had not seen such a beautiful lady in her life. Soon Sarala joined her and the neighbour lady asked her “Your mummy?” Sarala told “yes” and she responded with a “Namasthe’.

After coming back into the house, silk aunty told Sarala, “it seems she is pregnant” for which Sarala nodded.

“That also very advanced stage” for which also Sarala told “Yes, the delivery is due in twenty days”

“Where is her husband…?”

“He has gone to London for office work. He will return in fifteen days”

That night, Ramu was very much annoyed with his mother in law. “I told that they are from Pakistan and we should not have any dealings with them. But you people did not pay heed to my words”

“Don’t mind dear, it was only a cordial enquiry” Sarala pacified her husband.

“Okay, I have to go to my head office in London for ten days. Please take care”.

After three days he started to London. His company had made all arrangements including executive class airfare, stay in five star hotel etc.

So, mother and daughter were left alone.

Asif fate had decided, that night itself heavy rain started pouring down. There was an unabated down pour and panic gripped over the entire island. Water level started and people moved to upstairs leaving ground floor. People living in low lying areas moved to hillock tops carrying whatever they could possibly lift. There was a massive power cut and all the communication systems failed.

The houses in that compound were surrounded by knee deep water. Both mother and daughter were confined in a room closing all the entrance, in pitched darkness because electricity was not available.

There was a tapping sound from the front entrance. They looked at each other. “Don’t open the door”, mother told. “Don’t worry mummy, there is no need to fear here”, so saying Sarala opened the door and she was surprised to see the servant maid of the neighbouring house was standing, shivering.

“Madame, my madame is suffering from pain. Please come and see”

She was hesitant. Her mother immediately told, “Sarala, I shall go”

With the help of the servant maid, she entered the knee deep water and entered the next house.

“My God, labour pains started,” she understood.

One or two other neighbours also joined.

Silk auntie requested them to bring the emergency lamps and other battery lamps from their residences. She requested only the lady members to be present. One of them helped in making hot water and with the help of them in holding the legs apart, she helped in a perfect child delivery. A baby boy was born!

“Hurray!” all were shouting in joy. Immediately the area gave a festival look.

Only the following morning medical help came and also the press reporters.

There were only a handful of newspapers in Auckland. And also there is always a dearth of news.

Hence, as soon as normalcy returned, the newspapers flashed, “The Indian old woman saves the lives of a Pakistan woman and her child.”

“The Indian rustic lady takes care of Pakistan woman’s delivery in pitched darkness” and so on so forth and gave a detailed account of the happening.

The aspect which attracted wide attention among the general public was the names of two countries who were known as perpetual rivals.

“An Indian old lady, helping a Pakistani young woman in distress, really miraculous”, they felt.

Soon, the news spread viral in media with photographs of the Pakistan lady, silk aunty with the new born child.

The joy of the father of the new born Mr Khan knew no bounds.

He wanted to give some fees to aunty which she politely refused. She took only two dollars as her conventional offering as done in Kanchipuram from poor families.

No doubt, she got lot of messages from India including from the Prime Minister.

But the most amazing was the Pakistan Consul’s visit to her.

He profusely thanked her for her good gesture in helping the lonely lady. On behalf of the country he represented, he wanted to suitably reward her good services.

She politely declined the offer.

But the consul insisted upon her to accept some gift in return for her most noble work.

Then silk aunty gathered courage and asked him, “Could you release Manish, the youth who is toiling behind bars? As a mother of four children, I can understand the feeling of her mother?”

The consul was shocked.

“Sorry madame, that is beyond my powers,” so saying he bid good bye to all and his convoy left.

It seemed everything was over with that refusal.

But after a fortnight the miracle happened.

The Pakistan Government by virtue of its special powers agreed to release the youth arrested for the offense of trespassing.

People were unable to believe the news.

How did it happen?

The credit should go to media. Normally people accuse media for doing wrong things only. But this time they did an extremely positive thing. They highlighted the request of silk auntie. Not only the Indian Government, the Pakistan Consulate also took up the matter with the Government of Pakistan

The Pakistan Government considered the case. They also referred the matter to their clergy. The clergy gave the judgement as follows:

“The Indian old lady had saved the lives of both mother and child. She acted in a highly benevolent manner. Since she has saved two lives, there is no wrong in giving one life in return. Hence the youth can be pardoned.”

Mr Khan, the neighbour met aunty. “Madame, everything is only due to your noble mind” he told.

He was an ardent admirer of J.Krishnamurti, the Indian Philosopher. His famous saying was “OBSERVER IS THE OBSERVED”.

“Auntie, you had a kind heart full of Love and compassion. So you helped my wife in a great ordeal”.

Yes, he was very true. Governments can fight, but people should not maintain hostility. It is the duty of people to develop love and compassion. That is the great teaching of Christ, “look thy neighbour as thyself.”

If we allow LOVE to play it can achieve several things which no amount of force can do. Let us wait for the day when 1100 million people of India looking at 300 million people of Pakistan as their brothers and vice-versa.

Next fortnight Manish, the alleged trespasser joined his mother in India.

Dr Sathyanarayanan Bhimarao is a multi-faceted personality. He is M.Sc (Physics) from Annamalai University. He got Ph.D is psychological counselling in HIV/AIDS. He is a writer from a very young age. He has written several articles, short stories and plays which were published in popular magazines. He is a writer in the subjects of Philosophy and science. He is the founder of Holistic Philosophy Society and is conducting several seminars on Physics and Philosophy. He is publishing a Tamil and an English magazines with several features like short stories, plays and articles.

Out of Touch (Science Fiction Story)

Everyone who had witnessed his childhood days will be puzzled by his behavior. There was no one who can explain the behavior that he was furtively doing in distinctive gesture.

He can’t remember when it all started, he just found himself doing it upon after someone touching any part of his body or even a simple body contact when bumping each other. He can’t help but shrug off any energy that he believes will adulterate the composition of the chemical element inside his body. Hand forming a snakehead and blowing his breath on his hand and covers the touched part of the body by tapping on it three times like a vacuum sucking all the trapped energy. He strongly believed that any negative energy will change his complex whole.

I have observed the young boy and studied his behavior; otherwise, my suspicion cannot come true. With science in the background, there was the answer to all my arguments–what if this little boy has been used in a teleportation experiment.

All the while, a guardian stranger had always monitored the little boy and they were always inside a hidden place called ‘networks.’ His guardian stranger called the little boy ‘Zacky.’ I was then a paid helper to the stranger guardian and he will always instruct me to do the cleaning and be fixing their mess inside the ‘networks.’

There was one occasion that I finally vouched on my notion that the stranger was doing an experiment of a quantum teleportation. There were a massive collection of computers and an enclosed metallic glass cubicle where the little boy was put on a stand. And a kind of light emission will engulf the whole body of the little boy just like scanning his whole body down to the subatomic level, seeding a curated atom. Every day the stranger would measure the level of atoms that penetrates the little boy’s body. He was building a colossal energy that will annihilate the physique and cells to be transformed into qubit. All the scanned information will go directly to the computer as a back-up. The captured atom or photon will be transmitted through entanglement between the sending and receiving location. It needed the speed of light as the newly converted molecules were mere qubits of information that can be conveyed between two entangled atoms.

The stranger created a medium that would have a refractive index and had built an optical computer around the networks that would process in the speed of light. He used a laser to send communication over long distance and the encoding and decoding were processed inside special chips via fiber optics.

When all the required mass of atoms were present inside Zacky’s body, the atoms annihilated Zacky’s body and passed through the computer using a rectifier to make a direct flow into an electronic circuit and then passed through into another cubicle attached in the computer to teleport the boy.

The discrete energy of Zacky being proportionally elevated to the radiation will allow atoms to interweave and merge his identity at the other end of the cubicle creating a complete teleportation.

The stranger understood those processes on his own term, but the disturbing fact was that the rest of the system was bogged down by the estranged energy that previously mixed up with Zacky’s body during contact with other humans. The teleportation of Zacky’s body was changed into a quasiparticle version of the Internet. Zacky’s curated atoms were trapped inside the computer and could no longer find a way out of it, a connection to the computer had been Zacky’s only communication into the outside world. Zacky had the ability to interact with the outside world through a voice and for the time being he became a phenomenal voice for those researching information on the internet. Zacky could travel from one place to another by uploading his presence in the computer. Zacky had been living throughout logging on to the computer and being teleported from one computer to another, but never his body. Zacky became the representation and interpretation of information inside a digital world. Zacky is out of physical touch, screen touching is the key to make him come alive again and will be serving you as the intelligent personal assistant.